Skin Care

Are all the skincare products included in the program price?

Products are sold separately! If you’re just starting the Acne program we recommend the Acne Starter Kit.

Are products included in the membership price?

All products are sold separately. Your initial purchase for products will be between 250-300 and they will last 2-3 months.

Can I use my own products?

With all of the variables associated with getting you to where you are to clear and in control of your acne, we cannot risk combining products that aren’t aligned with the scientific process of the program, as it will delay and complicate getting clear.

Do I have to change my diet?

That would be 100% your choice, however, about 65% of people who are in the acne program have food related triggers, therefore, don’t get 100% clear without eliminating that from their diet.

I’m on other medications, can I still do the program?

If they are acne medications, I wouldn’t recommend it because it throws an unknown variable into the acne program that we can’t control. If you’ve been on Accutane within the past 6 months I wouldn’t be able to take you on in the acne program.

What products do you use?

As a genera rule, I’m brand agnostic. We want the most effective routine that is tailored to exactly what your skin needs. For the first 3-4 months on the acne program, the products I recommend for your routine will be a combination of Face Reality, Environ, Michelle Corley, Jessa Skincare.

My Acne is mild, does that mean it will clear up faster?

No, because acne, regardless of severity, is acne. Just to say, there is the science of your skin that we are working with, and those mechanisms work the same way regardless.

How do I maintain clear skin after the program ends?

Technically, the program, aka your clear- skin-journey, won’t end until you’re 100% clear. At that point, your Esthetician will put you on a recommended maintenance program, including routine check-ins for any adjustment and support needed.

I have sensitive skin. Can I still participate in the acne program? 

Yes, all treatments and routine recommendations are tailored to where your skin is at now.

Can hormonal acne be treated with your program?

“Hormonal Acne” is more of a marketing phrase vs. valuable information that is useful for getting clear. A lot of acne can be related to hormone triggers, which is fully addressed in the program.

What if my acne worsens initially when starting the program?

If that happens, it was likely already going to happen. It wouldn’t be because of any of the program routine or treatments.

Are there any lifestyle changes that can support the acne treatment program?

Yes, the acne program includes guidance with lifestyle changes such as diet, environmental, and nutritional supplements that address particular acne triggers.

Is it safe to use makeup when you have acne, and are there any recommended products?

Yes, as long as your makeup is 100% free of pore-clogging ingredients.

What are the best skincare ingredients for treating acne?

There are multitudes, and what ‘works best’ depends on where you’re at in your acne journey and the current health of your skin.