The Great Unlearning – Six Unexpected Things Preventing You From Achieving Your Skin Goals

By: CJT Digital Design, LLC
In my skincare practice, I’ve performed tens of thousands of treatments over the years. I’ve guided people through it all, from severe, chronic acne to managing signs of aging, and everything in between. I take skincare and my role as an advocate and your guide to heart, to the extent that sometimes I think I might be a bit more invested in my clients skin then they are😅 It took me a minute and some testing to figure out the ideal, universal approach to results. You may be surprised by some of the truths I came to live by.

1 The advertised ingredient on the product label isn’t the #1 indicator of results.

This one is super misleading. Don’t worry - it's not your fault. Designing product packaging to sell a particular ingredient is a go-to marketing tactic for the industrial skincare complex (a variety of skincare labels owned by a small handful of beauty giants). They use it because it works to sell their products.


You’ve seen it before.


SKINCARE COMPANY: “Buy this! It has vitamin C and vitamin C is great!”
YOU: “I’ve heard vitamin C is good for me, so…. okay!?”
THE TRUTH: There are at least 6 types of vitamin C ingredients that all work differently, and the efficacy is impacted by all the other 10+ ingredients that accompany the product and its PH balance. Oh, and how it interacts with your skin and the rest of your routine.


Sadly, Its just not that simple.


Not only the ingredient itself, but the combination of ingredients and PH balance determine efficacy. Trying to find the pH balance of a product by looking at the label is nearly impossible, and if you have skin issues such as acne, the PH balance of a product is critical to effectiveness.


The truth is that even the most educated skincare professionals couldn’t resource and apply the knowledge necessary to understand how a product performs simply by glancing at a label. Unless you're a senior, professional skincare formulator, you wouldn’t be able to look at a label with 35 different ingredients and say “yes! I know exactly how this works”, because it’s not only the advertised ingredient that factors into results. The collective synergy of every single ingredient is the ultimate determining factor.


2 Your skincare routine needs to be customized in order to achieve optimal results.

Allow me to explain.


When I say customized, I don’t mean just oily vs. dry skin vs. combination or even categorically acne or antiaging, etc.


What I mean is, 1) Your current skin health (this isn’t static - it changes often!) and 2) Your specific skin goals (as you know, there can be many)


As far as we’ve come today with technology, there’s still no AI bot, skin quiz, or Youtube influencer that can accurately customize a routine to fit your skin goals. The only person who could do that would be a real, practicing skincare specialist who works on and with real people and real skin problems. Your skin has quirks, special needs, you have multiple skin-goals, and your skin is ever-evolving.


3 You believe one product is going to be the magical solution to all of your problems.

Listen, that's the dream for all of us, but I’m here to help you achieve your dream skin.


99% of the time, ONE THING ALONE doesn't fix all your problems.


I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “the sum is greater than the whole of its parts” and that message perfectly applies to your skincare routine. The way the “parts” interact with each other determine the overall results.


Imagine your daily routine steps as a six piece puzzle. If you change one piece of the puzzle, your results change, no matter the piece. I’ve said this thousands of times to my clients, and they never believe me until they experience it themselves. However, they always come around!


A strategic and effective routine is the way to B-line to accomplishing your skin goals. Each part of your routine contributes equally to the overall results. It's the whole puzzle that is your solution.


4 Your skin is a reflection of your overall health.


Even with the most innovative ingredients and a perfectly customized product routine, most people can’t achieve their skin goals 100% without addressing their skin from the inside. From vitamin and mineral imbalances, stress levels, anything you eat or drink, to your mood, all these variables can all impact what you see in the mirror. You’ve got dark circles, wrinkles, acne, rosacea, brown spots- all of these skin issues can be directly connected to how you’re taking care of your body.


Your skincare should be wholly inclusive of your lifestyle habits. The ideal skincare routine goes beyond your bathroom cabinet.


5 You’re not using your products consistently.


This may not sound like a big deal but I’m here to tell the world this is the #1 reason people don’t see results from their skincare products. Just like your workout routine, your diet,  or meditation practice, if you’re not consistent, and I’m talking 90% + of the time, then you’re probably not getting the benefits from the products you're paying for. If you have a specific skin-goal or want to keep your skin at its peak-glow, it takes a commitment to the daily habit of your routine.


Think of it like this: if you worked out 2x per week, what kind of results would you expect vs. working out 6x per week? Yep, the same math applies. That's a universal truth when it comes to your entire body, including your skin.


Your routine is a daily habit- you commit, you glow.


6 Your daily routine needs to change with your skin.


Lets say that we meet for the first time and I do a skin assessment and build a daily routing for you. An assessment of your current skin-state is done. An action plan is designed. You go home, you take all my recommendations, you stick to the plan 100%.


2 week later, you come to see me again, things have changed because your routine has changed. We reassess, we readjust your routine based on how your skin has changed, and align your skin goals to elevate results.


This is what the ideal approach looks like.


Within 1-3 weeks, your skin will change after you alter your routine in any way. Keeping your routine evolving with your skin, is one of the critical factors in achieving ultimate results with your skincare.


If you can let go of everything you've been taught about skincare, apply all of this wisdom to your skin-goals approach, I promise you will save energy, money and heartache.


Here's to an easier and faster way of achieving that ultimate, healthy glow we all strive for- cheers!


🖤 Tiffany